The City Council will reach out to local media to publicize the redistricting process. Also, we will make a good faith effort to notify community groups of various kinds about the redistricting process. The City is committed to taking steps to have a robust and diverse community participation in the process for redrawing district maps for future Council elections.  The goals in the outreach plan are to educate residents about the redistricting requirements, ensure participation from a wide range of residents, and build community awareness and understanding of the process.  The City will utilize several communication methods, including but not limited to Public Messaging via Social Media, City’s Website, Press Releases, Newsletters, and Utility Bill Inserts.  The City will notify the public about redistricting hearings and community meetings, post maps online before adoption, and maintain this dedicated webpage for all relevant information about the redistricting process.

The City of Anaheim will also provide Spanish translation services at all public hearings as well as community redistricting meetings; other languages are available upon a request submitted to the City Clerk’s Office ( at least 72 hours prior the public hearing or community meeting.